PUBG: What is DDos attack in PUBG & Who is behind this attack on PUBG?

PUBG Mobile has been witnessing several waves of DDoS attacks causing some players to be disconnected from the game. PUBG Mobile team acknowledged the attacks and said, “The team is currently actively working to resolve the DDoS attacks against our systems and the new hacking issues.”

Also last week, PUBG Mobile servers were facing a ‘Server Authentication Error’ when players tried to log in through their Facebook accounts.

The problem concerns players on all servers. The developers on their page on Facebook said “Our team immediately takes action and starts working with local service providers to resolve the problem. Our goal is to bring the normal gaming experience back to our players as quickly as possible. ”

It also reminded players that an update focused on anti-cheating would be introduced “soon” into the game. When resolved, this attack can provide extra protection against cheaters, which would make the task even more difficult for those plaguing the game.

PUBG Mobile also said that a new anti-cheat patch will be released soon. “In the meantime, we have deployed more security team members to put a serious stop to cheaters. Like our players, we have always had a zero-tolerance policy against cheating and hacking.” If any player faces this problem, they need to wait to get the error resolved by the PUBG Mobile team.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, a cyber-attack that attempts to make a network resource unavailable for the users by flooding it with excessive traffic from various sources. This overloads the system and makes it difficult for legitimate user requests to be fulfilled.

Basically, the servers are overloaded with traffic, making it difficult for the users to connect to it, causing the disconnecting and freezing issues.

The PUBG maintenance team then works with the internet providers to resolve the issue, which takes about an hour or more for the game to return.

Who is behind it

Since its launch, the developers have shot down cheaters regularly to improve the security of the game and to make it a cheater free place. To keep up with the new tools found by those looking to gain an unfair advantage. PUBG has lately doubled down on the attacks on hackers by banning a total of more than 6 million accounts this past month.

These cheaters have then come back with vengeance have been launching DDoS attacks on PUBG Mobile all around the world in an attempt to ruin game servers.

In order to ensure the continued availability of services, the developers have decided to release a new anti-cheat update to prevent further DDoS attacks and cheating activities.

In a statement, PUBG Mobile said ” We have always had a zero-tolerance policy against cheating and hacking.”