Raina’s rare birthday gift to daughter: ‘A charity foundation’

Suresh Raina has made daughter Gracia’s first birthday the most meaningful a father can think of. The cricketer and wife Priyanka Chaudhary Raina have announced a charity GRACIA RAINA FOUNDATION to mark the first birthday of Gracia.

The foundation will work on the mission to ensure ‘healthy child and safe mother’. The idea is to create awareness on the mother-child health and well-being, while also providing them opportunities for sustainable livelihood. Rainas’ charity will work with expectant mothers and their families, make them aware about mother-child health issues to enable them make right decisions about themselves and the child.

Ironically, the country each year witnesses 13.40 lakh child mortalities under five years of age. World’s 26% neo-natal deaths take place in India. Mental health and wellness of pregnant women is a critical determinant for good health and survival of children. Various studies have documented the ill effects of mental stress, depression, anxiety on adverse pregnancy outcomes. The foundation will educate and spread awareness on these crucial aspects of mother-child health and happiness.

“Gracia Raina Foundation aims to provide support and effective solutions to ensure maternal and new born wellness by implementing a self-sustained model. The idea is to empower, engage and facilitate women by enhancing their capabilities. Our model is one of creative collaboration, creating a supportive environment for all women,” says Priyanka Raina.
The foundation aims to deliver a development model for young mothers via its various social impact endeavors. The Foundation also aspires to build partnerships between businesses, NGOs, and individuals with diverse perspectives and resources to address and solve critical issues affecting individuals and communities, from combating the effects to improving the lives of women.

Priyanka has been involved with initiatives such as PAALNA with RED FM and The Delhi NCR Food Bank Network. She has also visited an NGO in Chandigarh, Nanhi Jaan and collaborated with BIG FM to raise awareness for special needs children. GRF plans to partner with the government, bilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, where they collaborate with other organizations and work in areas such as mental wellness, discovery, integrated delivery, nutrition, family planning, childhood infectious diseases, policy and advocacy, and communications.

Suresh Raina added: “This is a something very personal to me and my wife and to announce it on our daughter’s birthday is very special. My wife has been working towards this and has put in a lot of time and effort and I fully support her endeavors. With this foundation we hope to shed light and help women & babies across the country.”