Rajasthan Royals to change name, Kings XI the venue

Rajasthan Royals to change name, Kings XI the venue- InsideSport

Rajasthan Royals is keen to change the name of their parent company. Kings XI Punjab want to move out of their home for ten seasons – Mohali. These can be two of the many major changes as Indian Premier League steps into its 11th season next year. Subject to BCCI agreeing to the requests of the Punjab and Rajasthan franchisees.

Kings XI Punjab have made a formal request with the BCCI shifting their home venue from Mohali. While the stadium boasts of one of the best cricketing facilities in India, the franchisee has been struggling on various other counts. Kings XI has been on the lowest pedestal among the IPL teams in terms of gate money, sponsorship and fan base.

The Punjab Cricket Association stadium at Mohali has seldom drawn capacity crowd even during the international matches. The domestic games at the venue are virtually witnessed by the squads and officials, with hardly any spectators in the stands. The lack of gate moneys and crowd support are one of the reasons cited by the Kings XI Punjab for shifting their venue.

The franchise has also raised the issues of lack of support from the state association and trouble with local authorities. Due to poor turnaround at the venue, the team has badly failed in creating a good fan base. These factors are collectively affecting teams revenues.

The PCA stadium, built by the former BCCI president in late 1990s, was a big hit for its architecture, seamer friendly pitches and state of the art facilities. However, poor connectivity and lack of transport facilities have off late resulted in poor turn around for the matches. IPL matches finish late at nights. There is no effective transport system in place for the spectators when they leave stadium after a match.

The franchisee has been able to generate gate moneys during Kings XI Punjab’s “home” matches in Pune and Indore. They also felt that there was more support and interest for the team in Indore.

The issue reportedly has come up before the committee of administrators (CoA) during their last meeting, and they have asked it to be tabled in the next IPL governing council meeting, Indian Express correspondent Davendra Pandey has reported from Mumbai.

Kings XI Punjab was bought for $76 million in 2007. Th franchisee had opted for Mohali as their official home base. The franchise might be required to pay extra money to the board for a home. If they decide to move out of the State, the Team also will be required to change its name.

“They had bid for Mohali when the first-ever auction took place for IPL teams. So technically, if they want to change their base now, they will have to pay the BCCI. They have made this request earlier too but the board did not agree. The franchise has been facing many issues with the local police authorities. They have also cited lack of support from the Punjab Cricket Association. If they are allowed then chances are that their name will also change. It will be as per the new venue. The IPL GC will take a call on it,” Indian Express has quoted a BCCI official as sayig.


Rajasthan Royals, scheduled to return next season, are likely to go for a major revamp. Two major changes are to be a new venue and a new name.

The team will be back after two years following a two year suspension amidst spot fixing clowds. The franchise reportedly is also looking to change the name of its ownership holding Jaipur IPL Cricket Private Limited.

“They (Rajasthan Royals) have made the request but no reason has been given as to why they want to change the company name,” Indian Express has reported quoting BCCI officials. The team that won the inaugural edition of the IPL might have become image conscious following the suspension.