Rajat Sharma is a good man in bad company: Chetan Chauhan

Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA): Rajat Sharma is a good man in bad company: Chetan Chauhan - InsideSport

The group in control of the Delhi and District Cricket Association has played it smart by nominating Rajat Sharma for the president’s post. The rivals are pushed on the back foot. They will have few grounds against the Padma Bhushan awardee for the DDCA president’s candidate.

The rivals while levelling strong charges against the group that is backing Mr Sharma’s candidature, has taken a soft stand on the India TV chairman and editor-in-chief. “Rajat Sharma is a respectable, good person. I am not against him, but we are strongly against two persons in the group that is backing him,” former international cricketer and DDCA strongman Chetan Chauhan told insidesport.co.

“Everyone knows how these people had manipulated the DDCA elections in the past. The one has been responsible for irregularities in team selections and the other was responsible for financial irregularities,” adds Mr Chauhan, a career politician now.

The group led by Mr Chauhan is also raising concerns about conflict of interest if Mr Sharma is voted to power. “The judiciary and presiding officer will have to look into all the aspects, including the conflict of interest,” says Mr Chauhan. “We have strong reservations against the group that is backing his (Mr Sharma’s) candidature. They have misused their powers and positions in the DDCA and indulged in gross violations. They have brought the DDCA to disrepute.”

Sneh Bansal, supporting Mr Sharma’s candidature, was stripped of his functioning powers as the DDCA President amidst DDCA’s executive committee’s allegations of financial irregularities to the tune of ₹1.55 crore four years back. Mr Chauhan was asked to take the charge from Mr Bansal.

Insidesport.co, as advised by Mr Sharma during a brief telephonic conversation, has shared the following questionnaire with him. A response is awaited.

1. You have been a DDCA member for long. The place and the organisation have time and again been stated to be in a mess. What will be your priorities as the leader of the organisation?

2. Insidesport.co has spoken to Mr Chetan Chauhan on your candidature for DDCA President’s office. He said you are a good person in bad company, in reference to the panel headed by you. What is your response?

3. Mr Vinod Tihara even as he enjoys the majority support in the DDCA vote bank has been accused for irregularities in team selection. Another senior member of your panel was accused of financial irregularities. How do you look at these serious accusations?

4. You are a journalist of repute with great credentials. Rivals say your being in a position of power in the DDCA will create a conflict of interest with your position as a media entrepreneur. What is your response?

5. Lodha Commission recommendations’ implementation may have a serious bearing on some of the candidates in the fray. How do, you being considered the frontrunner to head the organisation, look at this aspect?

Sharma’s candidature is backed by former DDCA President Sneh Bansal, Indian Olympic Association and International Hockey Federation President Narinder Batra and the Vinod Tihara faction.

The elections are scheduled for June 30. The DDCA administrator Justice Vikramjit Sen while declaring the election dates has also passed a directive to do away with the proxy voting system.