Rajat Sharma quits as DDCA president and member

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Veteran journalist Rajat Sharma has resigned from the office of the Delhi and District Cricket Association president.

In an emotional letter to the DDCA members, Sharma has stated “I am not willing to compromise at any cost. That’s why I have decided to call it a day and hereby tender my resignation to the Apex Council from the post of the DDCA President, DDCA with immediate effect.”

The resignation comes in wake of a late development on Friday evening when nine members of the Apex Council had joined hands to support “suspended” DDCA secretary Vinod Tihara. The council with a majority numbers had moved key resolutions – a) to revoke suspension and reinstate Tihara as secretary b) to withdraw the absolute powers ‘acquired’ by president on July 2, 2018, immediately after the elections and c) to terminate the services of the Chief Executive Officer.

InsideSport.co is in possession of the three resolutions.

A majority of the DDCA directors other than the Government nominees and Om Prakash Sharma, member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly and the DDCA treasurer, had signed the resolutions.

However, before the resolutions could be circulated under the signatures of the “reinstated” secretary to the members and the Directors today (Saturday), Sharma had tendered his resignation. Insidesport.co is in possession of the resignation letter.

All through Sharma’s 14-month tenure in the DDCA president’s office, he has been at loggerheads with the secretary. Both have though contested the elections and were elected to the office as one team.

“In my short stint I have made every effort to discharge my obligations in the best interest of the Association with honesty and sincerity. The sole agenda was welfare of the Association and transparency in each and every aspect. In my endeavour though I faced many road blocks, opposition and oppressions, just to keep me from discharging my duties in fair and transparent manner, however, somehow I kept moving with only one agenda that all promises made to the members must be fulfilled while keeping the interest and welfare of Cricket paramount at all times,” Sharma has stated in his resignation letter.

“However, cricket administration here is full of pulls and pressures all the time. I feel that vested interests are always actively working against the interest of cricket. It seems that it may not be possible to carry on in DDCA with my principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, which I am not willing to compromise at any cost. That’s why I have decided to call it a day and hereby tender my resignation to the Apex Council from the post of President, DDCA with immediate effect.

“I would like to add that when I took over as President, coffers of DDCA were empty and now we have a corpus of around Rs.25 Crores, I urge upon you that this money be spent only for promoting cricket and helping cricketers.”

The DDCA, with Sharma at the helm, had not called any general body meeting. The decisions like vesting all executive powers in the DDCA president or to remove the DDCA secretary were taken by the handful people in the Apex Council and never ratified the general body, the supreme authority.

“The DDCA constitution was unconstitutionally amended by the Apex Council, defying to the powers and authorities of the 4,500-strong general body,” says DDCA member and noted lawyer Gautam Dutta.

“The DDCA has been a victim of ruthless dictatorship of one person, who disliked the wisdom of democracy and wanted to run the cricket governing body as his personal business empire. All amendments to the DDCA constitution and apex council’s decisions were illegal. He knowingly defied the Delhi High Court special judge’s direction and did not allow the elected secretary to function. He ran DDCA for the last 14 months in total defiance of law and the body’s rules with the support of select few men”

“When it was time give account of all his misdeeds as the General Meeting was no more avoidable, he has conveniently decided to run away,”

Trouble for the DDCA president was brewing for some time after 65 members of the DDCA in two joint letters, along with sworn-in certificates, had asked to call the DDCA General Body Meeting and further resolved to bring a no-confidence motion against Sharma.

Shortly after the news of Rajat Sharma’s resignation, CEO Ravi Chopra has also put in his papers. The two member Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) comprising Sunil Valson and Yashpal Sharma has also tendered resignations.

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