Randy Orton almost destroys another legend Shawn Michaels this week on RAW ahead of SummerSlam

WWE RAW results: It was already revealed by WWE earlier this week that Shawn Michaels will make his return in this latest episode of RAW. Michaels, who was making his way to the ring to confront Randy Orton for his vicious attack on Ric Flair last week.

Before making his way to the ring Michaels met WWE current champion Drew McIntyre at backstage and wished him luck for his Championship match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam. But Michaels was not much aware of Orton’s current maniac mind, who has already destroyed four legendary superstars within two-months with his lethal punted kick.

Michaels called out ‘the Viper’ but initially Orton did not come out but a moment later he came from nowhere else, and striking RKO on Michaels and following punted kick on him. But this time Orton failed to convert this punted kick into a major one as result of it champion McIntyre came out to rescue HBK and put some show against Orton before SummerSlam.

They both went into a little brawl outside the ring while McIntyre literally thought he had the Viper down this time before SummerSlam. But Orton came from nowhere once again when McIntyre was checking Michaels, who was barely standing with the support of ring post and produced second RKO of the night on McIntyre and left the ring with a major statement.

They both have six days before their big match at SummerSlam and it seems like Randy Orton will be the one to hold his 14th WWE Championship this time. Meanwhile, taking the champion McIntyre in readily would be a big mistake which Orton does mind taking it and he will do everything to become the new champ this time in a two-years.