Real Madrid continues to be most followed football club on internet

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Real Madrid continues to swell as the most followed football club on their website even as the LaLiga giants have lost sports world’s biggest social media icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, to Serie A club Juventus.

Real Madrid website has registered the highest number of unique visitors in 2019 among all the European football clubs. According to the official internet audience measurement firm Comscore, Real Madrid has had over 2 million unique monthly visitors on its website.

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Fourth consecutive year has been the most-followed football club website globally.

The top ten list of the most followed football clubs have a Premier League majority with as many as five teams. Current champions Manchester City are at the tenth spot. Two clubs from Spain and one each from France, Germany, and Italy complete the top ten tables.

The Top 10 football clubs with most visitors on websites:

  1. Manchester City

The current English champions have the fifth most internet viewership in England and tenth most overall with an average monthly user of 270,000 in 2019.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain

The Ligue 1 champions who are in possession of the world’s top 2 most valuable players have the highest internet attraction in France and 9th overall with an average usage of 306,000.

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

Last season’s UEFA Champions League finalist Tottenham Hotspur had a great run till the finals in the tournament. The new season saw the sacking of their former manager Mauricio Pochettiono and hiring of the ever-controversial Jose Mourinho which led to a hike in their average internet viewership to 323,000.

  1. Arsenal

The London based club is going through a lean period and is struggling in the current season. Although, they had a better run last year when they made it to UEFA Europa League finals but finished second best. They have the third-highest internet interaction in England and seventh in Europe with average users of 420,000.

  1. Bayern Munich

The German champions have been ruling Germany over the years and had an average monthly interaction of 581,000 in 2019. They are sixth-best in terms of audience rankings in the world.

  1. Juventus

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo a couple of years ago brought a lot of positives for the Italian champions. They saw a surge in their t-shirt sales and more so there were a lot more internet interactions. Last year their website had 582,000 average monthly interaction and were the fifth-best in the world.

  1. Manchester United

One of the most successful clubs in the world, Manchester United had an average monthly internet interaction of 771,000 in 2019. The Reds have been struggling lately and that will even make it difficult for them to climb up the ladder.

  1. Barcelona

Messi led Barcelona are the current La Liga champions but are at the second spot this season behind rivals Real Madrid. With monthly 812,000 average unique visitors in 2019, Barcelona are second best in Spain and third-best in the world in website audience rankings.

  1. Liverpool

The reigning champions of Europe and the current leaders of Premier League have been in fine form since the start of 2019. They have not lost a Premier League game for over a year now and have the highest internet user interaction in England. With 863,000 unique visitors, they are the second-best in the world in website audience rankings.

  1. Real Madrid

Hailing at the top, Real Madrid’s website has seen unique visitors of 2,006,000 which is more than two times the second-ranked Liverpool. They are the most successful side in Europe and the current leaders of La Liga as well. With over 2 million average unique visitors, Real Madrid tops the list of most visited football club website.