Real Madrid will survive without Ronaldo: Luis Figo

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Legendary Portuguese footballer Luis Figo Friday said Real Madrid would survive even without the services of compatriot and football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, who is not part of the club this season after having shifted to Italian club Juventus.

Asked about the impact on Real Madrid after Ronaldo left it, Figo, who played for the club and also for Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, was candid in his answer, saying all of it was part of football as Ronaldo was also making history without being a part of the club.

“It is his (Ronaldo’s) decision and I don’t know what happened between him (Ronaldo) and the club (Real Madrid) that made him change clubs.

“He is the best football player in the World, so when he moves, of course there will be a big impact. But I don’t know the reasons, all I can say is that Ronaldo is a great professional and is making history in football,” Figo told reporters here.

Figo, who is UEFA Champions League Ambassador, attended a global fan event in the metropolis.

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“Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world and football is like that. Real Madrid will survive without Ronaldo, and Ronaldo is making history without Real (Madrid), but that is football,” he added.

Figo also said like everything in life VAR (Video Assistant Referre) should also improve.

The VAR for the first time was used in the UEFA Champions League.

“VAR is part of our life. I think VAR must improve (like) everything in life. Because now in our life everyone is depending on technology and we have to adapt VAR to football in the best way possible.

“The biggest thing is to help the referees be more fair (fairer) in terms of justice (decision), but of course if there is any new talk (problem), we have to improve like anything in life.

“This is the first season that the referees are trying VAR (in Champions League) and for sure it is a positive sign,” the 46-year-old retired footballer said.

To a question, Figo said the Real Madrid fans want nothing but good results from their team.

“I know what the Real Madrid fans want, what they want is good results. They demand for a win, if you lose they are sad.

“But are they more demanding than the other fans, I dont think so. I think Manchester United and Valencia fans are demanding too,” he said.

Asked to predict who would win the Champions League this season, Figo came up with two names Manchester City and Barcelona.

“If I had a crystal ball, I might be able to tell you.

But theoretically Manchester City and Barcelona have a good chance, according to me,” he said.

Came in the next question would be ever coach Real Madrid and Figo shot back by saying he was content while working with UEFA.

“Who me? I’m very happy working with UEFA to develop football and I don’t have licence to coach and it is very difficult without a license in todays world (to coach).”

Figo signed off by saying that one of the reasons he decided to shift to Barcelona, is that he could get a chance to work with legendary Johan Cruyff.

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