Real Madrid’s former vice-president dies from coronavirus

Former Real Madrid vice-president Amador Suarez has become the second ex-executive of the Spanish giants to die from coronavirus.

At the age of 76, the fisheries mogul lost his 41-day fight with the illness on Tuesday. Earlier Real Madrid’s ex-president, 76-year-old Lorenzo Sans also died from the coronavirus in March.
A Real statement released following Suarez’s death led the tributes to the life of a businessman who first signed up for Los Blancos in 1964.
It read: “Real Madrid and its Board of Directors deeply regrets the death of Amador Suarez, a club executive from 2006 and vice-president between 2007 and 2009.
“The club expresses its condolences and its affection for his family and loved ones.
“While he was a Real Madrid executive, the club won two football leagues, a Supercopa de Espana, a basketball league and a ULBE Cup.
“Amador Suarez had been a Real Madrid member for the past 33 years and he died aged 76 as a result of coronavirus.”