Records galore at National Junior Chess Championship

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The National Junior Chess Championship 2019, organized by District Chess Association, Gururgam under the aegis of The Haryana Chess Association and All India Chess Federation, at Suncity School witnessed unexpected results in the ninth round.

The 11-round tournament saw many surprises after 9 rounds: Soham of Jammu defeated Anuj of Madhya Pradesh, Aradhya Garg of Delhi defeated Rajdeep Sarkar of Bengal and Kumar Gaurav of Bihar defeated Jeet Jain of Gujarat in an interesting match. Bengal’s Mitrabha Guha is leading the race with 8 points after defeating Grahesh of Andhra Pradesh. First ranked Koustav Chaterjee of Bengal defeated Aakash Dalvi and is currently in second position with a score of 7.5.

In the girl’s category, Maharashtra’s Akanksha defeated Monika Akshaya of Andhra Pradesh and Srishti Pandey of Maharashtra is on the first position with a score of 7.5 after defeating Nityata Jain of Madhya Pradesh.

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After 09 rounds of the 11- round tournament, in the open category – Mitrabha Guha with 8 points is in the first place, Kostav Chatterjee with 7.5 points in second place, Aryan Varshney, Saurabh Anand, Kumar Gaurav, Soham Kamotra and Aradhya Garg with 7 points are in third place.

In Girl’s category with 7.5 points Akanksha and Srishti Pandey are in first position, Priyanka Nuttaki, Monika Akshaya, Priyanka with 7 points in second place, Arpita Mukherjee, Nitya Jain, Chiralange Sakshi, Ashna Makhija, Bhagyashree Patil, Purna Shree and, Supritha Potluri and Rengayanki with 6.5 points are in third place currently.

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