Reebok launches new campaign with Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor - InsideSport

Reebok India has launched its latest campaign featuring brand ambassador and fitness enthusiast Shahid Kapoor.

The campaign reflects Reebok’s ethos that fitness has the power to transform lives, sharpen the mind, strengthen human bonds and liberate one’s potential, the brand has stated in a Press release.

Reebok India senior marketing Director Silvia Tallon affirms that the campaign echos the company’s brief that the pursuit of fitness lies in not just being fit physically but also represents the perfect harmony of the mind and the body that brand Reebok advocates very strongly. “Through this campaign we celebrate the balance of dual roles; tough physical fitness and mental strength along with more human relationships that bring out a different side in us,” he adds.

Known for adding an edge to his roles, Shahid Kapoor unleashes his raw, physical energy in the campaign as he is seen in a rigorous building routine of hammer shots, rope lifting and boxing. On the other hand, we see the humane side of the popular actor wherein he is seen with his family. With this, Shahid inspires the FitGen to embrace fitness in not just being a better version of oneself physically but also to have a more stable and solid mindset and be empowered to become better versions of themselves overall.

Shahid Kapoor, Brand Ambassador, Reebok India says, “Being a man is not just about going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, it’s about really who you are, it’s about being strong and resilient, learning to deal with all aspects of life and I love the fact that Reebok is showcasing two different avenues of my personality, one being who I am at home as a father, as a husband, as opposed to how I am in the gym where I’m just a boy hitting the weights and doing what I love.”

The campaign will go live in the next few days.