Richest football league set for media rights new tender

Richest football league set for media rights new tender - InsideSport

The World’s richest football league is all set to increase its riches. With more for broadcasters and television audience.

The Premier League is reportedly about to initiate the tender process for the next media rights cycle with more broadcast inventory, which will give EPL an unprecedented revenue boost.

Premier League’s next domestic rights cycle will run from 2019 to 2022, UK’s Daily Telegraph has reported.

The bidders will get the option to pick from the four complete rounds of Premier League games and seven different packages. This will include eight Saturday night games kicking off at 7.45 pm (British Time). The revised match day schedule will enable the world’s most-watched league to offer more fixtures for the domestic broadcast partners. Sky Sports and BT Sport are the incumbent domestic broadcast rights holders for EPL.

The potential broadcasters will get to bid for 200 live matches in comparison to 168 live games available in the existing deal. The Premier League is presently earning £5.136 billion ($7.8 billion) from media rights. The deal was a 70% increase on Sky and BT’s previous deal of £3bn. Sky Sports contributes £4.2 billion for a package of 126 matches. BT Sport is paying £960 Million for the remaining 42 games. Premier League has registered a consistent growth in its rights values.
Rise of Premier League TV Income - InsideSportWith 32 more games available for broadcast, Premier League is eyeing handsome gains from the forthcoming tender.

The new deal is packaged in a manner that full match day schedules will be available for the television viewers in the USA. One of the two packages will contain 20 games, consisting of two midweek programmes. The other package will include midweek and a bank holiday fixture schedule.

No single buyer, reportedly, will be allowed to bid for more than 148 matches per season. The auction is likely to be scheduled for February.

There is more good for the Premier League. The broadcast growth is not limited to the inventory. More bidders will be gunning for the precious content. Reports suggest that internet giants Amazon and Facebook are considering to bid along with the incumbents. Amazon has recently displayed seriousness towards the UK market when it acquired men’s ATP World Tour rights for the territory.

Indian sub-continent is one big exception in the growing domestic and international markets for the Premier League. Global markets including China, USA, Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA have shown phenomenal growth for the league. The Indian market has witnessed a sharp decline of almost 45% over the previous deal. There exist a threat of a further decline.

Premier League Rights - Indian Markets - InsideSport
A handsome growth of Indian domestic leagues holds the potential threat of further decline in the Premier League rights value in the territory. However, that threat remains insignificant for EPL. The world’s richest and the most watched football league is sure to create revenue records for the professional football industry the world over.