Riot discuss Valorant’s Competitive changes coming in Act 3

Riots FPS shooter Valorant ready to move to Act three. Valorant Act two is confirmed to end on October 13th, with ranked matchmaking going offline at 4:30 AM PT/5:00 PM IST. The end date and time were officially revealed by developer Riot Games on Twitter. Valorant players have less than a week left to move up the rankings and unlock battle pass bonuses. If you have your eye on unlockable skin or other rank-based rewards, then it is best to grab them while there’s time.

The Valorant community is now looking forward to Act Three, which will introduce new gameplay features to the multiplayer FPS. Now that Act III is just around the corner, with the new season releasing on October 13.

On October 5, 2020, Riot Games announced two major changes coming in Act III during a video update released on the game’s official YouTube channel. The major changes reveled in this video were:


Riot Games addressed the competitive mode

The developers are tightening the rank disparity between a party of friends queuing. Expect that it will be harder to boost or get boosted from your friends from rank to rank. Valorant is taking even more steps in every direction to get rid of cheaters, earlier they even hired Gamer Doc to catch cheaters.


Cole, VALORANT’s design lead, announces that players withing three ranks of each other can queue together, a steep change from its usual six.

Cole emphasized that they are bringing integrity back to the ranked mode and would want players to focus on winning. “We’re going to tighten the restrictions on ranked disparity for competitive queue, reducing them from a six to a three-rank difference,” he continues


Ability to choose servers

The second major change coming to these modes is the ability to choose the server you want to join. The developers did clarify in the video that it won’t “guarantee” that you’ll join the exact server that you wanted, but it does increase the chance.


Meanwhile, in India, the devs have confirmed that they were running “small scale tests” on Indian servers which caused the ping fluctuations. “We’re basically making sure our connections and routing with main ISPs are working correctly,” a Riot dev said on Reddit. “Today’s showed some player isp’s routing people through Singapore and then back to Mumbai, for example–not great for the ping. We’re getting closer and will have a firm live date soon.” Which is the reason Valorant players in India were experiencing low but fluctuating pings.


Region Based Leaderboard

Finally, the developers also revealed that they are working on a public, region-based leaderboard for competitive play. Although there’s currently no date for the feature, Riot did confirm that it wouldn’t be coming until at least the start of Episode II of the game’s lifecycle, which is currently on track for launch next year.

These changes, or Act III, are expected to hit the live servers next week.


The game has been able to break some prevalent Twitch streaming records, but it has been going incredibly strong across each region, with its very first major tournament ‘First Strike’ about to take place in the coming months