Riot Games emails VALORANT stats to its players with a ‘Year in Review’

VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05: Upcoming changes and updates
VALORANT Patch Notes 3.05: Upcoming changes and updates

Riot Games emails VALORANT stats to its players with a ‘Year in Review’. VALORANT became the most popular tactical shooter game on PC immediately after its release one year ago. Following a hugely successful first year, VALORANT is now celebrating its one-year anniversary with its community. Today, Riot Games, the developers of the 5v5 FPS multiplayer, is sending all of its players a statistical graphic detailing some of the milestones they achieved throughout this year.

Players who have a Riot account can check the inbox of their registered email address for their VALORANT Year in Review. You’ll find a mail with the subject line “[in-game name] – Your VALORANT Year in Review is Ready.”

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About Riot Games ‘VALORANT Year in Review’

The first section of that email contains stats of your total number of matches won, your average kill/death/assist ratio, and the total amount of damage points you’ve dealt & more. Based on your stats, Riot has also showcased the top percentage of players you’re in based on that number.

The following section focuses on your skills like your accuracy, showing your total number of headshots, body shots, and leg shots connected. To know your skull-crushing skills, you can also check out your headshot percentage there.

The next section titled “You Victims” gives you the name of the players who have suffered the most number of defeats by you. You’re likely to see some of your custom buddies if you play against them regularly.

The last section is all about your favourites that include your most played agent, most played map, and most used weapon. According to Dot Esports, many haven’t received this mail yet but they have suggested the players to be patient as the emails are being sent out in slots & everybody will get their Year in Review very soon. Also, verify that you have already registered your email to Riot Games.

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