Riot Games will record and review VALORANT voice chats for harassment and disruptive behavior

Riot VALORANT Voice Chats
Riot VALORANT Voice Chats

Riot Games will record and review VALORANT voice chats for harassment and disruptive behavior: Riot Games recently updated its privacy policies and terms of services where they stated that they can now record and review the voice chats. Players who are using voice comms will be monitored from now on for in-game toxicity.

About Riot VALORANT Voice Chats Update

Riot Games are strict towards harassment, disruptive behavior, and hate speech. The company decided to update the privacy policy and TOS where the company will now record the voice chats in-game. VALORANT becomes the first game where Riot Games implant this module.

The Developer Said, “We have the legal document update which gives us freedom to record voice chats and review them. We are currently implementing in VALORANT. We have no plans to record the voice chats in League of Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics. We will not implement the voice chat in Legends of Runeterra.”

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When someone reports a player for offensive behavior or harassment in voice comms, the Riot team will use the voice data of that match. They will evaluate the voice data to examine the behavior of the player whether “he violated the agreement or not”. Developers also stated that if a player found guilty of using disruptive behavior and harassment in voice chat, they will take action against him. After the review of data by Riot team, the voice data will be deleted from the storage if it doesn’t contain any offensive language.

Riot Games said, “We have been examining for disruptive and harassment behavior in text and voice based chats. This step will make games better for everyone who plays them. Some toxic players will get punishment through this voice chat record and review feature.”

It will be similar as the text-based chat reports, where company check and review the reports. After reviewing the chats they delete the data. Riot games should share the privacy notice to players of all games developed by the company, to accept the changes.

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