Ronaldo-Juventus deal: This is why club needs a Fiat ride to drive CR7 home

Ronaldo-Juventus deal: Insidesport
Ronaldo-Juventus deal: This is why club needs a Fiat ride to drive CR7 home

Juventus in all likelihood will need support from the Italian automobile brand Fiat to drive Cristiano Ronaldo home from Real Madrid.

Ronado’s move from Real Madrid in LaLiga to Serie A club Juventus awaits the formal announcements. European football’s biggest transfer news this season, after starting as speculation and rumours, has effectively been confirmed as finalised, done and signed by the best possible sources. An announcement is expected soon.

Ronaldo will reportedly move for an annual salary of €30 million ($35.09 million). Even if Juventus has made a commitment on the payment, the club faces some hurdles to pay this amount to their star recruit.

The $35.09 million salary bill may result in a breach of the UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations. The club has reportedly turned to Fiat from driving itself out of the situation.

Italian car manufacturer Fiat is reportedly in talks with the 33-year-old Portuguese football star to secure him in a €100 million ($117 million) transfer deal.

Fiat, which is an official partner of Juventus, will reportedly sponsor the deal as Juventus cannot pay such a huge salary bill without serious infarctions from UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

FFP regulations put a cap on club’s annual deficit and the clubs can only incur expenses within the sanctioned limits.

It is claimed that the deal will cost Juve  €400million ($470 million) including transfer fee and wages as well as an extra €10 million ($11.75 million) that will go to Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes.

Fiat has offered to subsidise part of Ronaldo’s wage through a mega sponsorship deal which would see the Portugal captain become the face of the brand, according to Italian media reports.

Fiat’s involvement comes through Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, whose family-owned holding company, Exor, also owns the Italian car manufacturing giant.

If Juventus needs a Fiat support to bring Ronaldo home, the car manufacturer too is not finding it easy to make this financial commitment.Fiat involvement in the Ronaldo move from the UEFA Champion club has created an uproar among the company’s factory workers, whohave not seen an increase in their wages for last ten years due to the company’s financial struggle.