Russian World Cup stadium to have seats outside arena

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The stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals games at Yekaterinburg will have two spectator stands outside the arena periphery.

The organisers are constructing two temporary stands behind the each goal post as the original arena seating capacity is far below the FIFA recommendations.

Openings at each goal end of the stadium’s facade offer a remote view of the pitch but no protection from the sun or rain.. Media reports suggest that the entire ensemble might have come from “outer space” and it “couldn’t look any scarier”.

The reports have left the construction company behind the 42-meter (138-foot) tall extensions sounding somewhat bemused. “This is a typical solution for sports facilities built for major international competitions,” AFP has quoted Sinara-Development Director General Timur Ufimtsev as saying. “In addition, you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Yekaterinburg itself since the stadium is in a central part of the city.”

The whole seating section is protected by “tall railings” to make sure no one falls off, claims Ufimtsev.

The FIFA spokesman has also brushed aside any safety concerns. “Inspection visits and detailed reports have shown that the temporary seats in the Yekaterinburg Arena fully comply with all safety and security requirements,” he said.

Ufimtsev said the stadium was “90 percent ready” and would be completed by the end of the year.

The 23,000 capacity Yekaterinburg Arena has been extended to a 35,000-seater facility with these temporary extensions.