Sachin’s Luminous advise: Life around is beautiful, #nazaruthao

When Sachin speaks, it does matter to billions of fans the “God of Cricket” has. When Sachin endorses, it matters in a big way to the brand. And, when Sachin carries a purpose while addressing a brand it will impact lives. The promotional ventures becomes a benevolent initiative, too.

Luminous Power Technologies new TVC, featuring Sachin has a social significance, too. There is a strong message to get rid of “mobile phone addiction”.

Luminous Power Technologies has launched the new TVC featuring the master blaster, who is seen urging his fans to not “get so caught up in daily life that you forget to enjoy the beauty around you”.

The brand has also unveiled its new tag line – ‘Khushiyo ka Ghar’.

The 51-second short film captures the tragic condition of today’s digital world where people are more immersed into technology without realising the essence of special moments of their lives. Sachin under the mesmerizing breeze of Luminous Fans in the commercial stresses the need to look up and see how beautiful life is.

The TVC has been conceptualised and developed by Luminous’ creative agency, Soho Square. In the commercial, Sachin Tendulkar emphasizes how beautiful our lives are if we just look up and see (#nazaruthao).

Commenting on the latest ad film, Vipul Sabharwal, managing director, Luminous India said, “Our presence in India for the last 28 years has given us immense understanding of the needs of our customers and we are convinced that we can play an important role in their daily lives. We believe in re-defining fans from a mere utility to a beautiful possession that adds to the look of one’s house. We all know that beautiful things leave people hooked and so we decided to develop this thought into an interesting narrative to tell the story of our Luminous fans. At the same time, we have also tried to address the prevailing issue of poor lifestyle choices of our generation knitting both ideas into one”.

Elaborating on the thought process behind the campaign, Chandana Agarwal, branch head, Soho Square Gurgaon, which is the creative agency behind the campaign, said, “Luminous came to us seeking an idea for the launch of their new designer fans. They wanted it to be well connected with the lives of the consumers. Taking this into consideration, when we looked at the society, we identified a tension which Luminous fans could solve. In today’s world, everyone is looking down. Staring at individual screens and alone while being together. We thought that this was an interesting place for the fans to intervene. This societal tension of people being busy in themselves was something that the beauty and fresh breeze of Luminous fans could solve. Hence, the commercial was designed”.

The TVC will be aired on various communication platforms on mass channels. Digital promotions of the new commercial are already live to give multi-media launch impact in cities across the country this month.