SAI-NRAI tiff to the fore as shooting coaches ‘denied’ salaries

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The National Rifle Association and the Sports Authority of India are apparently not on the same page. Some of the national shooting coaches are denied their salary payments since April last.

In spite of actively training the shooters, 13 coaches have not been paid their salaries by the Sports Authority of India since April 2018. The salaries are  denied by the accounts department as the Sports Authority of India’s latest updated list did not include the names of these coaches. Interestingly enough, though, the SAI has been paying these coaches for their travel and stay to attend the camps with the players.

English Daily The Tribune, quoting sources, has reported that the fiasco is a result of the prevailing differences between the shooting governing body and the SAI. The issue has started with the SAI decision to axe several coaches from the list recommended by the NRAI. Amarjung Singh, Shreyan Kapoor, Jitender Beniwal, Vishvadev Singh Sidhu, N Krishna, Vikram Bhangle and Monali Gorhe were among the axed coaches. The SAI while approving 16 names on the panel in September had appointed 13 coaches on the pro rata basis.

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These 13 coaches has reportedly not received their salaries since April. Surprisingly, while the SAI accounts department did not find their names in the accounts to remit salaries, the same coaches have been cleared to attend national camps and their expenses, including travel, is paid by the department during the period.

“Some (coaches) have been enquiring about the salary on a regular basis. It is a strange situation as we have left everything to help the shooters and we are not getting our due. Some of us are financially sound but I know a few who are starting to struggle,” a coach has told the paper.

Chief coach of the junior pistol team Jaspal Rana was anguished for treating coaching as a “thankless job”.

“This (not getting salary) only shows that we coaches are not working for the money. We are doing this as a service to the nation,” Rana had told The Tribune. “But this doesn’t mean that many of us don’t need the money. We also have families. Not many can sustain (without the salary) for long. Would the permanent SAI staff come to work if they were not paid salaries? No they won’t.”

The former international pistol shooter also lashed out at the NRAI. “We were told if SAI didn’t pay our salaries, NRAI would. But we have not seen any of it. Both SAI and NRAI have to share the blame,” he said.

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