Sehwag invokes people’s ire, only to douse it with Ola ‘commitment’


Straight bat is not Veeru’s way. He will keep you guessing till the time rivals realize the Nawab of Nazafgarh has scored yet another big one.

Virender Sehwag did precisely the same to create a budge before delivering his “commercial message” for app-based taxi service Ola. He took to twitter with a message that looked like a knee-jerk sarcasm to Donald Trump’s anti-India rebuttal on global warming and pollution issues.

Sehwag used his usual crude swagger and sarcasms as he posted “Global warming ho rahi hogi US main. Traffic and congestions se Indian ke pollution par kya farak padta he! Concentrate on real issues!”

With this message, Sehwag and Ola took twitter by storm. The strategy rightly hit the bulls’ eye. The ire to this ‘irresponsible’ tweet on a crucial subject went viral.

Now, was the time to deliver the right message to put an end to the social media outrage.

Sehwag’s next tweet – a video message speaks that “increasing city traffic and emissions result not only in high stress levels but also takes toll on our over-all health”. He urged his followers and fans to “make a difference and take the first step ahead with Ola share, Sehwag reiterated the main focus on the Ola campaign stating ‘FARAK PADTA HE!’

His next tweet read: “Great to see so much concern. Traffic & pollution are real issues! This World Environment Day, Ola share karo, congestion ghata. #FarakPadtaHai.


Sehwag with 10.17 million followers has smartly used his twitter handle @virndersehwag for commercial gains. He has confessed to have earned over Rs 30 lakh by January this year.
The latest Ola campaign is just an extension of Veeru’s twitter business model.