Sehwag talks money even on prospect of joining politics!

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A ₹ 100 crore contract will suffice to make Virender Sehwag a politician! Just like his batting, Sehwag means business in whatever he does. He remains a thorough professionals and talks in pure contractual terms unless the matters are purely personal. He will help a person in need, but will not consider a commercial opportunity for free. Not even a stint in politics. Or, at least that’s how he would avoid to walk into and talks about politics.

Befitting his character, Sehwag didn’t try to be politically correct on the question of joining politics. The answer was rather like his humorous and hilarious tweets. “I have always signed contracts when I played for ICC or IPL or in fact now when I am doing a show for Star. I earn ₹20 crore a year. If I get a contract of ₹100 crore, I will definitely join politics,” he told Times News Network’s Swati Joshi during a chat show at the Goafest on Friday.

At the Times Network Leadership Summit organized at Goafest 2019, Sehwag spoke about Indian cricket, leadership style of Indian Captains, World Cup and the general elections in India.

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Since this reports starts with a political question, albeit not a serious one, serious politics first. Without naming anyone, Sehwag’s choice of a leader would match the functioning and of the current NDA leadership in the country. “India’s next leader should be someone who has the capabilities to take quick and gutsy decisions in the best interest of our country and our army, regardless of whichever party he belongs to,” said Sehwag.  Wasn’t there a hint to the surgical and aerial strikes in Pakistan!

“In the end, the country should progress and not an individual,” adds Sehwag.

His sister though has been a Municipal Corporation member from the Congress Party in Delhi and he has also campaigned for her taking time out from his IPL 2012 schedule. He has reportedly also declined an offer to contest elections.

On the cricketing front, his leader should be the players’ captain. “A true leader will know how to bring out 100 % potential from his team members. In IPL, we consider MS Dhoni as the best captain because he can bring out the best from the players, else if you see his bowling attack is so far the worst in cricket. When I was the captain for Delhi Ranji Trophy and Delhi Daredevils, I always ask the bowler who is a good player. To understand a genuine opinion, ask people who has no self-interest in the matter. A leader is someone who can make others do the work to their fullest. This I feel genuinely is a talent very less people had in the Indian Cricket Team and Sourav Ganguly was one such great captain who built a good team after the match fixing controversy. And this team went on to win oversees test and tournament matches,” said Sehwag.

Sehwag, however, ranks Sourav Ganguly as his first choice captain followed by MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli in the order of their mention. “When you have a new team, in-experienced players, leadership matters the most in order to get 100% performance from the team,” he said, explaining why Ganguly remains his first choice.

On the diplomatic question of playing against Pakistan, Sehwag for once came up with a diplomatic answer. “The match (with Pakistan) is no less than a war and you should win the war, not lose it,” he said.

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