Serena exposes her baby bump for magazine cover shoot

Serena Williams

Tennis ace Serena Williams is out of action. Out of Wimbledon. She is pregnant and celebrating her pregnancy.

Serena has proudly posed, exposing her baby bump, for a photo shoot for the August 2017 edition of Vanity Fair magazine. The 35-year-old is wearing only a waist chain as she posed for the clicks.

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The photograph, by Annie Leibovitz, is lovingly lit, elegantly framed and deeply admiring of its subject. Congratulations, Serena! And to your fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, too, reports Washinton Post.

The US tennis star had announced her pregnancy in April with the Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The couple are reported to be planning their wedding shortly after the birth.

The tennis ace has herself share the pictures on social media platform Instagram.

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Serena is not the first celebrity to pose her pregnancy for Press. The tennis ace joins the club of the glamour girls like Beyonce and Demi Moore, who have translated their pregnancy into an ‘insta’ moment.

A pregnant Serena makes the tennis superstar even more attractive to corporate sponsors, allowing her to extend her reach into maternity wear and motherhood products, sponsorship industry executives said.

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With almost $29 million in salary and sponsorship earnings, including from Nike Inc and PepsiCo Inc, Williams ranked as the top paid female athlete in the world last year on a list compiled by Forbes magazine. But lower prize money in tennis left her 40th in the overall standings.

However, her earnings from sponsorship deals alone, at $20 million, would rank her far higher on the Forbes list – tied at 20th with fellow tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Williams could add to her earnings by appealing to new audiences, the experts said.

Existing sponsors could tell new stories with an expecting superstar athlete, and new corporate sponsors might sign up with the mom-to-be as well.


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