Seth Rollins speaks on Becky Lynch’s health update; how current pandemic impacted her lifestyle

WWE News: It has been almost four months for ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch, who last performed in the squared circle. However, it was a moment of happiness for both Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch several months ago in May. When Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy on the night after Money In The Bank and relinquished her WWE RAW Women’s Championship to Asuka in the ring.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins’ baby is due in December. However, Rollins also provided a little probability of her return after December, and said doors will remain open for Lynch in WWE to show her potential come back but before December things seem little absurd.

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Becky Lynch was a guest on The Bella Twins Podcast in July. On the show, the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion spoke about her first trimester and how it had affected her.

Seth Rollins’ health update on Becky Lynch

‘Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins set up for an interview with Bleacher Report. During the conversation, the former Universal Champion was asked about becoming a father and how Becky Lynch was holding up away from her many fans.

“Obviously with COVID and the pandemic, there’s a lot of concern going around. She wants to travel a lot less and understandably so. I’m coming down here every couple of weeks for tapings and stuff like that and the company’s done a really good job lately of putting precautions in place to make sure everyone’s as healthy as possible.”

Seth Rollins also spoke about how he and Becky Lynch are preparing themselves and their house for the unborn child.

“There’s less concern there, but overall, aside from that being in the back of her mind all the time, she’s doing great. We’re a little over halfway there and we got a baby room coming and we got everyone set up. I think we’re doing it right. It’s our first time, so I’m sure we’re making tons of mistakes along the way, but we don’t know because it’s the first time. We’re doing good, she’s doing great, and everything’s healthy.”

Seth Rollins is currently in a feud with Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio, and they both will face off each other at SummerSlam in a stipulation” Street Fight” match this Sunday.