Seven people killed as dispute during cricket match turns into gun battle

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A fight between two factions during a cricket match in Pakistan turned into a deadly gun battle, leaving seven people dead.

The incident took place at a police post in Abbottabad district where the fighting parties had gone to file a case against each other after their children had picked up a fight during  a cricket match, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ijaz ljaz Khan has said.

At least seven persons were killed in an exchange of fire between two groups of people following a dispute over a cricket match among children in Pakistan’s restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, authorities said on Saturday.

The police post virtually turned into battlefield as the armed rivals trade heavy fire when they came face to face. “One party opened fire to which the other party, which was also armed, retaliated and responded with gun fires,” the DSP said.

The exchange of fire left seven persons dead from both sides at the spot and one other injured. “Three persons belong to one party and four from other party died respectively,” he said.

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