Shashank Manohar not to seek another term as ICC chairman: Report

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Shashank Manohar will not seek a third two-year term in the office of the International Cricket Council independent chairman. Manohar was elected the first independent chairman of the ICC in June 2016 and had subsequently won the vote for a second term two years later.

Despite being eligible to contest for a third successive two-year term as the ICC independent chairman, Manohar has reportedly confirmed that he will step down from his position at the ICC Annual Conference in Cape Town in July next year.

Manohar, according to English daily The Hindu, has told his ICC director colleagues that he will not run for a third two-year term in May next year. He will relinquish the post after four years.

“I am not interested in continuing for another two-year term. Majority of directors have requested me to continue but I have told them that I do not wish to,” Manohar has told The Hindu’s sports publication Sportstar.

“I have been the chairman for nearly five years. I am very clear, I do not want to continue from June 2020. My successor will be known next May. He has to be elected in May to take charge after me at the annual conference,” said Manohar.

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The Big three  – the Board of Control for Cricket in India, England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia – were poised to oppose Manohar had he contested for the post in May next year. The three might cricket boards have already declined to endorse to the new ICC international cricket schedule.

Manohar was also elected as the Board of Control for Cricket in India for two terms. He was elected as the first independent chairman of the ICC as a BCCI nominee. However, as ICC chairman he has been accused of doing more damage than good to BCCI’s international interests.

Manohar has done so much damage to Indian cricket that nobody from India will support him. He has climbed in the ICC by giving away BCCI’s position and money. He can claim what he wants, but the damage he has done to the BCCI can never be forgotten,” former BCCI and ICC president N Srinivasan had told The Indian Express after the Sourav Ganguly-led team was voted lead the Indian cricket’s administrative body.

The new independent chairman will be elected by the present 15 directors, should there be an election.

The BCCI under the new dispensation is yet to inform the ICC about its nominee (director and alternate director) to the ICC board. It has named secretary Jay Shah to the ICC Chief Executive Committee.

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