Velocity gaming or Team Kolkata win the championship and here’s how day 3 went down! HyperX MVP award of the tournament was RAFAA from Team TAMILS who scored the highest frags in the tournament, he won a mouse, keyboard and wireless headset from HYPERX.


The day started off with the scheduled match between Chennai and Mumbai. The BO1 game began on the map ASCENT, a well-balanced map which revolves around securing the middle courtyard.

Flexx and Rafaa the top fraggers of the tournament were out performed by their teammate Zoid to win the game against Team Mumbai.

The game was neck and neck from the start as no team took more than 2 round lead over the other. Team Chennai took the win with a score of 11-13. SMXYT had the highest fraggs at 33, followed by Zoid at 29 frags.  Team Chennai’s team game play was on point which lead them to come out on top, not to mention that the rest of Team Mumbai did end up underperforming. Scout in his first PC tournament held his own and did his bit for the team, we hope to see him participate in more PC games.

SEMIFINALS-Team KOLKATA(Velocity gaming) vs Team HYDERABAD(OREsports)

The map to be veto was SPLIT, team KOLKATA kicked the game off as the attackers and dropped the first 2 rounds. They won the game convincingly as they ploughed through team Hyderabad to win the game at 4-13. Vibhor, Rite2ace, and Excalli were the top 3 fraggers of the game with 18,17,16 kills respectively. The favorites of the of the Tournament as well as all of India.

THE GRAND FINALS- Team KOLKATA(Velocity gaming) vs Team CHENNAI

We jumped into the finals which was a BO3.


The first game began on the map ASCENT, Velocity gaming began the game as defenders. The first half of the game was even, but in the second have Team Velocity pulled ahead and won the game with a score of 13-8. Rafaa dominated the game as the agent Phoenix with 29 frags, always using his ultimate to get a kill. Antidote and rite2ace were the higest fraggers on their team. Nonetheless Antidote had the highest combat score at 350 with 27 frags to his name


The second game Chennai started as defenders on the Map BIND. Both the teams played it out even at 6-6 score but then after Rafaa and Flexx built up moment and didn’t drop more than a round and took game 2 showing India that they are also a top noch team to defeat Velocity gaming in game 2.


Velocity gaming this game just dominated from the start on SPLIT, Team Kolkata(Velocity gaming) is just too good at this map taking the victory and the Championship 13-5 in the final game.  Antidote again had the highest frags at 18 with his one tap headshots totally will make the highlights.

With this the SKYESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2.0 VALORANT SKY SHOWDOWN came to an amazing end. Velocity gaming is the best Indian Valorant team out there for sure, we will continue to follow them and hope a new team like Team Chennai can beat them.