Smaller PL clubs for equal TV revenue distribution: Report

Smaller PL clubs for equal TV revenue distribution: Report- InsideSport

Premier League clubs are set to discuss a proposal that would change the way money from overseas broadcasting deals is distributed. The most commercially successful league in the world currently splits its TV revenues from international deals equally among all clubs.

Last season, each club received around £39 million ($51.7 million) from overseas TV deals. The new proposal would see 35 per cent of the international TV revenue allocated according to a club’s final position in the table, with the remaining 65 per cent distributed equally between all clubs.

A two-third majority, 14 clubs, would need to vote for any change and while the smaller ones have opted not to make their opposition public, one official noted that “Turkeys don’t usually vote for Christmas”.

The issue has been simmering for years and the smaller clubs fear that ending equal payments could lead to greater inequality down the line.
The British revenue, from deals with Sky Sports and BT Sports, is not entirely distributed on equal basis.

According to the league’s figures, $931 m was split evenly among the clubs last season while the remaining $1,076 m was handed out in facility fees, which takes into account how many times a team is shown live on television while merit payments reward a club’s final position in the league. Champions Chelsea had received nearly $199 m while bottom club Sunderland took just over $122.76 m.

A majority of smaller clubs are keeping their cards closer to their chests ahead on the meeting on Wednesday, at least one club chief has said that it would be a mistake to reduce the finances of smaller clubs.