Sony Pictures Network discontinues AXN and AXN HD

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Sony Pictures Network India has decided to discontinue the operation of its English Entertainment channels AXN and AXN HD with effect of the midnight of June 30, 2020.
The network’s Associate Vice President for distribution operations, mentioned in a letter circulated by the broadcaster, “We will be discontinuing the operations of our channels AXN and AXN HD, genre – General Entertainment Channel (English) w.e.f the midnight of 30 June, 2020.”

In the statement, Sony Pictures Networks said, “In keeping with our growth strategy, we are realigning our channel portfolio. Accordingly, we have decided to discontinue AXN and AXN HD. This decision comes into effect on June 30, 2020.”

Currently, the network has eighteen entertainment channels in genres ranging from Hindi, English and regional general entertainment, kids and factual entertainment.