Soon digital classes for TOPS athletes to improve off-field skills

The Sports Ministry will soon introduce digital classes for the elite Indian athletes under the Target Olympic Podium Scheme to help sharpen their off-field skills.

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted about the classes on Tuesday while a Sports Authority of India (SAI) official explained the motive.

“Very soon we will start digital classes for our athletes. Also, please do all important things by yourself, wherever you are,” Rijiju tweeted.

Asked for details, the SAI official told PTI,” It is basically an Athlete Development Program introduced for TOPS athlete wherein they are taught off-field skills like etiquettes, legal formalities while signing contracts etc”

The official further explained that, “It was taught in classrooms earlier but since our TOPS athletes are training outside mostly, so it is now being introduced digitally which will enable them to access it from anywhere in the world.”

Hundred Indian athletes, preparing for the Tokyo Games, train and compete abroad with the help of the government which funds their trips.