Sponsor backs US women’s team for equal pay

The United States Women National Team, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 champions, will finally get an equal pay with their male counterparts.

The parity, however, is assured by a sponsor and the national governing body for football in the USA – US Soccer.

Consumer goods major Proctor and Gamble will be backing the US women’s national football team (USWNT) in their fight for equal pay with a public donation of $529,000.  Company’s deodorant brand ‘Secret’ is donating $23,000 to each member of World Cup-winning squad, states a Sportspromedia report.

The Secret Deodorant brand while sponsoring to bridge the pay disparity of USWNT, has also urged the US Soccer to “be on the right side of the history” and close the pay game; and added “After all the toasts, cheers, parades and awards subside, the issue remains. Inequality is about more than pay and players, it’s not about values.”

Secret Deodorant has reportedly in a full page advertisement in the New York Times announced that the company will be donating $ 23,000 each to the 23 members of FIFA Womenn’s World Cup 2019 winning squad.  “Let’s take this moment of celebration to propel women’s sports forward. We urge the US Soccer Federation to be a beacon of strength and end gender pay inequality once and for all, for all players,” the brand states.

The women’s are also contesting a law suit for parity in their salaries with the US men’s national football team players. The girls have argued that they have been generating more revenue than the men’s side in the three years after their 2015 Women’s World Cup win.

Secret Deodorant is the first of more than a dozen official US Soccer sponsors and partners to strongly and publicly back the USWNT’s fight for equal pay on the back of their second consecutive World Cup triumph.

Ahead of the flagship international tournament, nutritional foods manufacturer Luna Bar, which is a partner of the United States Women’s National Team Players Association (USWNTPA), made a similar commitment to the members of the USWNT, donating US$718,750 to compensate for the pay gap between the USA’s male and female professional players.