SPORTEL CEO, Laurent Puons: ” This year will be no exception “

Six months away from the flagship event, SPORTEL CEO, Laurent Puons confirms that it will be the “must attend event” to get back on track after the period of uncertainty raised by the current COVID-19 crisis.

How did the pandemic hit the sports industry?

During these unprecedented times, with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic currently disrupting the world as we know it, the sports industry is a major sector that has taken a direct hit, seeing practically all live sports events and gatherings cancelled or postponed. Broadcasters and media content owners, have been left unable to distribute live sports programming to the billions of sports fans globally, seeing many take down paywalls or pausing subscriptions temporarily. On the one hand this is causing a significant financial loss, but on the other sparking a solidarity and creativity within the industry to keep sports fans engaged.

How exactly?

Virtual sports events and esports have also come to the forefront, entertaining sports fans across not only streaming but also linear platforms, illustrating an emerging ‘crossover’ trend between communities as the lines blur, shifting the mindset for new opportunities coming out of a challenging situation.

Registration will officially open at the end of May, but can you already give us an overview of what the October convention will offer in terms of new business and networking opportunities?”

For over 30 years, SPORTEL has been committed to supporting our ever growing and diverse community, providing quality events whilst remaining the only convention focusing on media rights for the entire sports industry, whether traditional sports, or looking forward, to virtual sports, esports and gaming. Always staying ahead of the game, we will continue to develop emerging sectors such as live sports betting and immersive technologies, providing new communities for our clients to do business with which introduce next gen fan bases and potential revenue streams.

This year will be no exception, with the main event following the disruptive setback ready to unite and reconnect the sports media and technology industry from 26-28 October in Monaco. SPORTEL Monaco 2020 will be “the must attend event” to catch up with and meet the right people that you need to get back on track for business. My dedicated team will be there to help you and work alongside you to create personalised solutions from our new selection of innovative and added value exhibitor and visitor package options. More tailored content will complement business meetings, with opportunities to join the debate at “Speakers Corner” on a redesigned exhibition floor, plus the addition of special events including a SPORTEL Kick-off party to launch the convention and enhance networking.