Sports Broadcast: Portuguese Football Federation to launch own TV channel ‘11’

Portuguese Football Federation - InsideSport

In a first of its kind move, the Portuguese Football Federation is set to launch a television channel ‘11’ next year.

This will be the first time that any national football association will dabble into broadcast network business.

Nuno Santos, a former executive at Portuguese public-service broadcaster RTP and pay-television channel SIC Notícias, will lead the Portuguese Football Federation TV channel ‘11’.

Santos will begin working on the project, which has been dubbed ‘11’, this summer, with an anticipated launch date for the TV channel ‘11’of March 2019. According to the reports, the Portuguese Football Federation efforts to launch its own TV channel ‘11’ are further buoyed by the fact that the national team is performing exceptionally well in the international arena.

In the past various top football clubs have also launched their own TV channels.

The TV channel ‘11’ is not expected to compete for broadcast rights to Portuguese soccer’s top flight matches, but the network may show games involving the Portuguese youth team, women’s team, beach soccer team and futsal side.

The channel will have a reach to four million homes and will focus on providing coverage of players and coaches, according to reports. A move into the sports-rights market for football championships has not been ruled out, according to the Publico news website.

The TV channel is set to carry the name of the federation, according to the multiple reports.

Santos said that it was an “honour” to be asked to lead the project.