Sports Business : Infront takes stake in tech start-up

One of the world’s biggest sports agency, Infront has acquired a stake in, an artificial intelligence-(AI) driven video enhancement company, with a strategic focus on providing rights holders with the company’s automated video technology.’s solutions utilise AI technology to analyse video content, automatically identifying the most thrilling five seconds to create smart, compelling teasers that connect audiences with engaging, targeted content. Infront will now be licensed to distribute this technology worldwide to rights holders, sponsors and clients.

Partner to major sports leagues and news and entertainment networks, offers a comprehensive suite of products for content creators and brands. These include Automatic Video Analysis for the detection of key moments, Auto-Preview Videos (similar to Netflix) and a video analytics dashboard for monitoring purposes.‘s offerings are supported across all platforms to trigger audience engagement and provide new revenue opportunities.

Christian Mueller, Infront’s Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, said:‘s technology will allow current and future clients to reach more fans around the world, optimising marketing efforts in an efficient and reliable way to generate new revenue streams. Collaborating with a start-up aligns perfectly with our strategy of focussing on innovative client-orientated solutions.”

Amit Golan,’s CEO and Co-Founder, said: “In today’s highly competitive market, is giving publishers and content creators the tools they need to make the most of their video inventory, maximise revenue and cut back on costs. This investment will enable us to continue to develop and scale our technology – already at the forefront of the online video revolution – helping bring more publishers and content creators into the video age.”

The last two years has seen Infront place a strategic focus on collaborating with start-ups, broadening its service offering in the process. This has included working with the likes of automated video specialists WSC, automated content creation software DEEP, chatbot experts Tokabot and urban exploration app District.