Sports Business : NFL team Washington Redskins in more trouble as Amazon decides to withdraw merchandise from platform

Amazon will stop selling Washington Redskins merchandise after the football team said it would undergo a review of its name, which is considered a racial slur.

The Seattle-based online shopping giant informed sellers that it would be pulling Redskins merchandise from its online marketplace. 

Amazon said it would remove products featuring the Washington team, including jerseys, t-shirts and jewellery.

It gave sellers 48 hours to take down any products that were flagged by the company or risk having their accounts deactivated. 

Amazon’s decision echoes similar moves by other US retailers Target, Walmart and Nike, which have said they too will stop selling the team’s merchandise. Nike manufactures the kit of all 32 NFL teams.

“With the announcement from the Washington team and the NFL, we are removing products with the team’s name and logo from our stores,” according to the notice obtained by CNBC

Why is Amazon and others boycotting Washington Redskins franchise

Amazon, the online retail giant, is removing merchandise of the Washington Redskins from its platform, as pressure mounts on the NFL American football franchise to change its controversial name. 

On Friday, Dan Snyder, the Redskins owner, said he would consider changing the team’s name, which has long been denounced by Native American groups as racist and derogatory. 

The announcement came after several key sponsors, including stadium naming sponsor FedEx and PepsiCo requested the team’s name to be changed, following pressure from investors.