Sri Lanka gets fool proof security in Pakistan

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The level of security provided to the Sri Lanka team in Pakistan has left even the denizens in a state of awe. The security cavalcade and arrangements on the route from the team’s hotel to the National Stadium in Karachi will match, if not beat, the protection offered to the visiting Heads of State.

A convoy of around 35 bullet proof security vehicles along with pilot motorcycles accompany the team on the road that remains fully closed for other commuters. There are at least four to five identical bullet proof white coloured buses in the convoy that make it near-impossible to find out which vehicle would in fact be carrying the team. The situation on the route almost remains like a curfew zone.

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Goes without saying, Pakistan establishment just can’t afford even a small mishap around the visiting team. International cricket has effectively been away from the terror-torn nation with a few aberrations after the Sri Lankan team’s bus had come under the hail of terrorists bullet on their way to the Gadhafi Stadium in Lahore during the tour of 2009.

Ever since, this is the first occasion that an overseas team will spend more than a week in Paksitan. A few teams in the past several years though have travelled to Pakistan, but not for more than a couple of games finishing in three to four days’ time.

Pakistan for the past ten years has been compelled to play their “home series” in the UAE and Abu Dhabi.

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See the video below to believe the level of security arrangements.