Srikanth ITM Group brand ambassador, Prannoy on board too

ITM Group of Institutions has announced its brand association with Kidambi Srikanth. India’s top badminton player and winner of 4 world Super Series titles in the year will be the brand ambassador for the group. HS Prannoy comes on board as a “rising star”.

The partnership has two-fold objective – to inspire the student community to pursue their dreams with the passion and dedication of athletes like Srikanth, and to develop and support professional sports education in India.

“It is a great pleasure to be associated with ITM Group of Institutions. Being known for its profound interest in education and commitment towards education to all, I along with ITM wish to shape a better future for students,” said Srikanth about the association.

“If one pursues what they believe in, they will succeed at the highest levels. After losing in Rio, I didn’t sleep, I kept thinking about that quarter-final which I lost, that day I lost one of the most important matches of my career. But that setback is well behind me and I’ve trained and perfected my abilities, leading to Four Super Series titles in this year, which is dream come true for me. I would like to convey to each one of you that a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. It is important to not lose hope. There are times when you will suffer devastating losses, but remember that there will be days when you succeed beyond your dreams too!”

Welcoming Srikanth on board, ITM founder & chairman Dr. PV Ramana said: “I have had the unique pleasure of witnessing thousands of careers taking off at ITM and dreams coming true, as our students turn to face the world, emboldened by their experiences at ITM and their desire to achieve something big. Taking this vision of connecting with many more students, we gladly welcome on board Srikanth and H.S Prannoy to work with us on our vision of ‘Do-What-You-Love.”

“India is uniquely poised to develop the sports sector. As per the statistics, India is projected to have the world’s youngest group with 64% of its population in the working group age, and an average population age of 24 years. Behind these huge numbers lies the massive untapped potential of the sports sector. In the Indian context, the idea of sports as a career is a limited option. Majority of the Indians relate sports to just a recreational activity. At ITM Group, we are bringing in an opportunity for aspiring players to pursue their sports success while preparing for the long term through a combination of professional training and education at various ITM campuses. We are extremely proud to announce Shrikant as the Brand Ambassador and Prannoy as the rising star of the ITM GROUP,” Ramana added.

“I am honoured to be representing a brand that has such a great legacy and I am looking forward to what will be a special association. It is the perfect podium for me to give something back to the youth of India who are my biggest fans. More importantly, ITMs’s Sports Academies will help sports-minded professionals strike the right balance between education and sport,” said Prannoy.