SRK back with new KKR anthem; no more korbo, lorbo war cry

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The fans of Kolkata Knight Riders will now stop reminiscing about the ‘Korbo lorbo jeetbo,’ the decade-old war cry of the team.

The official anthem of the Kolkata franchisee is back when Indian Premier League action is leading the cricket fans to frenzy. #KKRHaiTaiyaar (KKR is ready) anthem features Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan which brings back the memories of ‘Korbo lorbo jeetbo’(Play, fight, win) with a new lyrical twist.

Conceptualized by DDB Mudra Group, The anthem video shows the die-hard IPL Kolkata team fans performing quirky dance moves followed by a fist-pump action amidst vibrant colours and hues of the City of Joy. The dance and the lyrics together symbolize getting ready for the IPL 2018 action as the purple fever spreads across the City.

“Every year our marketing embarks on a research and insight backed exercise that aims to find the pulse of our fans to arrive at a tagline that rings most true to KKR. This year, along with the creative team at the DDB Mudra Group, the team has come up with #KKRHaiTaiyaar; which truly signifies the mood at our camp. The knights are ready for every challenge and a promise to give their best to the sport!,” says KKR CEO Venky Mysore.

The anthem is created by DDB Mudra Group. “KKR has always prided itself on being more than just a team. KKR is an attitude. And you see this attitude in every aspect of their game; be it the auction, the training, the selection, the strategy, the execution of it, their victories and even their losses. Which is why, the KKR fan base spills far and wide outside of Kolkata. Because while Kolkata maybe in the name, the spirit of the Knight Riders is something everyone relates to. It’s this very spirit and attitude that we’ve captured in the work and in our call to arms #KKRHaiTaiyaar,” says DDB Mudra Group national creative director Rahul Mathew.

The anthem video on Youtube has registered 9,21,570 views in less than a fortnight. The #KKRHaiTaiyaar campaign, backed by a strong media strategy, is receiving strong response across television channels, radio, digital and print.