SS-1 Kannada launch delayed as broadcaster awaits MIB nod

Star India’s plan to launch Star Sports 1 Kannada alongside the start of the Indian Super League new season has been delayed. The broadcaster has not received the mandatory permission from the Ministry of Information and Broadcast.

The broadcaster has released Public Notice to announce the delay. Star India has decided to discontinue it music video platform Channel V and replace it with the Kannada language sports channel – Star Sports 1 Kannada. The broadcast had earlier issued a notice on October 26 that the broadcast of Channel V shall stop from midnight on November 15.

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Now, the broadcaster has issued a corrigendum with reference to the public notice dated October 26, 2017. The corrigendum states that Channel V broadcast shall continue in its current form across all broadcast platforms. The earlier public notice stands withdrawn, the new notice Star India states.

Even as the broadcaster is ready technically and editorially for the launch of Star Sports 1 Kannada, it is yet to receive the nod from the MIB to shut the Channel V operations and use the license for the proposed regional language sports channel.

Star has given the logo and name of the proposed channel to the MIB for mandatory permissions for the launch Star Sports 1 Kannada. Since the approval is yet to come, the existing Channel V will continue in its current form.

 According to sources in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, several other applications are also pending for the change of name and logo of the broadcast channel.

 Even as Star India is tipped to get the required permissions soon, the Star Sport 1 Kannada launch new dates and schedules are not clear as yet as the broadcaster had lost the major milestone opportunity to broadcast the ISL 2017 season opener in Kannada language, too.