Star India restructuring: Pink slip to 100

Star India restructuring: Pink slip to 100- InsideSport

Star India is in a process of major restructuring. Around a 100 employees at various levels, across different platforms have been given a “golden handshake”. To make the way for professionals who fit-in better in the revised strategies.

The process in fact had started several months back with the Star Sports restructuring, which has seen the “elimination” of a number of staff at different levels. Distribution and ad sales have been the major target of the current lay-off, which has witnessed the exit of some top-level executives, including an executive vice-president who once had headed the now shelved, ambitious project of Star’s “Education Channel”.

“This was on the cards for long. There are some eliminations on account of unsatisfactory performance. But many others had to leave as they don’t fit into company’s new plans,” a senior level executive to receive the pink slip told “There would have been bigger shake up, had Star not received IPL. Star Sports teams would have felt the major impact then. That was a topic for open discussion in the company corridors for the past few months.

“Post IPL (media rights acquisition), Star Sports has a completely busy calendar now. The cricket team will have to get down to the IPL business, immediately after these foreign teams tours are over in December. For others there are year-long properties from PKL, badminton to regional leagues,” the source said.

“Let us not ignore the fact that Star has acquired each and every media right for IPL. You will have to exploit every single IPL property to recover that mind-boggling 3,300 crore rupees, plus taxes, plus operations costs, plus marketing budgets every year. You will soon see Hotstar getting a bigger content team. You may also see at least one web platform dedicated to IPL,” he adds.

“After the IPL pressure this will all be managed within that limited budgets. Gone are the days when the Education Channel team was adjusted all over for compassionate considerations. I won’t even call it a lay off. To put it in perspective, you may call it a first and hiring phase for Star India.” has written to Star’s communication team for the official response. Reply is awaited.

About 60 people from the distribution team have been advised to move on. There is tremendous pressure on ad sales, which post IPL is going to get unprecedented targets.