Stephanie McMahon talks about the false criticism, fans booing on the heel character, some hate WWE and more

Stephenie McMahon on false criticism: Stephenie McMahon talks about the false criticism, fans booing on the heel character, some hate WWE, and more

Stephanie McMahon was interviewed on a number of WWE topics during an interview on The Playbook podcast. One question was about the difference between the negative reactions to the WWE and the booing of the Heel characters.

“Now from a business point of view, I appear as a heel in my character in front of the cameras. I encourage haters to take a rest. And, quite frankly, from a storytelling perspective, I find the antagonist a million times more interesting than the protagonist. Ob Whether it is a book or a film, an opera or a ballet, it is almost always about the protagonist versus the antagonist with conflict resolution. It is the simplest form of telling a story.

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Stephanie McMahon on false criticism

At WWE, our conflicts are played in the ring. With some of the best live-action to see in sports or entertainment, at least in my opinion. But of course, you want to encourage the haters in this regard because you want them to keep their fingers crossed for the faces and cheer for the heroes.

And the only way to achieve that goal is to show off the biggest, nastiest, most obnoxious heel anyone can have so they can cheer on the face. “

Stephanie also spoke about the criticism of the WWE haters:

Stephanie McMahon on false criticism: “From a business point of view, I think it should be viewed as constructive feedback. And some of it has to be ignored because it’s not at all constructive. But most of the time, people are trying to express their opinions on something they like to change or improve would.

It’s not always easy, especially if the criticism is addressed to oneself. it’s hard not to get emotional, but you have to try to analyze, and then get to the core of what someone really wants to express. “

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