Technology to wash out cricket rain delays: Report

Technology to wash out cricket rain delays: Report

Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, goes the famous saying. Weather interruptions and washouts remain the mother of all uncertainties for the game gentlemen play.

The memories of how South Africa cruising towards victory was suddenly left to score 22 runs off one ball will remain etched in memories as one of the greatest rain-enforced memories of the game.

Such interruptions and uncertainties may all be confined to the history of the sport. The technology after having dealt with the bad light interruptions and ensured game of cricket under lights is inching closer towards keeping the rain impact out of a cricket stadium.

The England & Wales Cricket Board has been contacted by an American company to conduct Tests on new technology that would see a canopy of mesh placed over cricket grounds to enable play to continue even when it’s raining, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

The ECB has reportedly asked the Marylebone Cricket Club, the copyrights holder for the laws of cricket, to come together for this potential project.

The tech company has created a transparent meshing material that would held up by wires, suspended to floodlight towers, and lifted by a hot air balloon or drones in the middle to form a canopy for keeping rainwater off the playing field.

The project at its elementary stages is still faced with various potential threats like safety concerns during high winds. It may still take several years to develop the concept into a foolproof model.

“There is some interesting technology around trying to create protection from rain and keep the game on in wet weather. It is an enormous issue for cricket. When you think about the impact of the weather on cricket in the UK we have a part to play, as a leading club in the game, in thinking about how those new technologies develop and are tested,” Guy Lavender, the new MCC CEO is reported as saying.

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