The Most Popular Soccer Clubs

We all know that soccer is the most popular and best-supported sport in the world. Soccer plays an important role in today’s society with thousands of people watching live soccer on TV. Being up to date with all fixtures that have played is very important for all soccer lovers. Nowadays a lot of websites, such as, provide information about games and events. If you’re interested in live soccer today, TeleFootball offers its visitors a TV program and a full TV schedule for all popular leagues.

Aside from watching matches, soccer enthusiasts also like following their favorite teams on social media. Soccer is definitely not what it was in the last century, and the brand for some clubs is just as important as the games on the field. It is no coincidence that each club has a serious marketing department, whose sole purpose is to promote as well as possible the brand it represents. That is why in the era of social networks, players and clubs are among the most followed profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But which are actually the most popular teams?


Among the oldest most popular and top clubs not just in their hometown London but also globally is Arsenal. The soccer club was founded in 1886 under the name Dial Square. Arsenal has won more than 30 domestic trophies, two European and a record 13 FA Cup triumphs.

Today the club is one of the most popular in the world. Looking at the number of supporters mostly on social media Arsenal has 37 million Facebook friends, around 15 million Twitter fans, and 17 million Instagram followers.


Chelsea is one of the top clubs in the English Premier League. The club is known as the first team from London who won the Champion League in the 2011/12 season. The Blues have won over 30 competitive honors, 6 league titles, and 6 European trophies.

Chelsea today is the seventh most valuable soccer club in the world. The team is very popular in social media. On Twitter, they have 14 million followers, Instagram – 19 million forces, and about 48 million Facebook fans.

Manchester United

Manchester United or The Red Devils is a very popular club in the world and also one of the most popular in the Premier League. The club was established in 1878 and as of today, it is earning millions of fans around the world. On social media, Manchester United also holds a very high position. On Facebook, they have 73 million fans, 38 million followers on Instagram, and over 21 million Twitter followers. That makes 132 million fans. Well done Red Devils!

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the best clubs not only in its hometown in Spain Madrid but also worldwide. The team is considered the most successful soccer club of the 20th century. They are winners of many cups and trophies.

Today Real Madrid is not just famous in the field but also it is the highest-earning soccer club. In terms of popularity in social media, they have over 111 million Facebook fans, 34 million Twitter followers, and 83 million Instagram followers.

FC Barcelona

This is the most popular club and one of the best clubs not just in Spain but in the whole world. It is the greatest rival to Real Madrid Soccer Club. It was established in 1899 as of today is the second most valuable club in the world and second richest club in the world as well. FC Barcelona has 103 million Facebook fans, over 32 million Twitter followers, and around 80 million Instagram followers.

Club Atletico River Plate

Club Atletico which is more popular as River Plate is argentine soccer club famous for its team founded in 1901. In the era of amateur soccer in Argentina until 1930, the team became champion only once in 1930. After 1930 River Plate has become a champion 35 times. In 2018 the club won its fourth Copa Libertadores title. Today Atletico River Plate has over 9 million fans on Facebook and over 3 million on Twitter and Instagram. That makes over 17 million social media followers.

Manchester City

Manchester City was founded in 1880. The club currently plays in the Premier League. In 1904 they won the FA Cup one-nil over Bolton Wanderers. It was the club’s first-ever major trophy and the first major trophy won by a club from Manchester. The most successful period of the club is in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today the team can boast with 15 major trophies including for first division or Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and one European Cup. On social media, Manchester City has a large number of fans as on Facebook they are over 40 million. They also have 17 million Instagram followers and 7 million Twitter followers.


Juventus was found in 1897. This is an Italian team and it is one of the oldest and most successful teams not only in Italy but also in Europa. Juventus are one of the most titled teams of all time. They have won fifty-one official titles on the national and international stage, a record twenty-seven Championship titles, and a record nine times the Italian Cup. Juventus has won twice the Intercontinental Soccer Cup and three times the UEFA Cup.

It’s not surprising that the club is very popular on social media. On Facebook, Juventus have over 41 million fans, 36 million Instagram followers, and over 8 million – on Twitter.