The new WWE champions after recent WWE Raw episode

This week’s WWE Raw episode was rightly titled “Championships edition” as there were many title belts on the line. While some exchanged hands, some wrestlers managed to retain their championships.

Here are the new WWE championships after recent WWE episode

The Street Profit — WWE Raw tag team championship

The first title match started with WWE Raw tag team championship where the Viking Raiders battled it out with the Street Profits for men’s tag team championship. In a high-octane match both the teams tried hard but after a 20-minute fight the Street Profits managed to retain their title.

WWE Raw Women’s Title — Asuka

After the RAW tag team championship now it was the time for the women’s championship which took place between ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair and ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ Asuka for WWE women’s championship. It was a jaw-dropping match between the two divas until Asuka managed to lock Flair in her submission lock. With the Queen tapping out, The Empress successfully defended her title.

WWE 24/7 Championship — Akira Tozawa

This was one of the most interesting and funny titles which WWE has ever produced. The title is open to anyone, regardless of gender or WWE employment status and is defended “24/7”. In this match between R-Truth and Akira Tozawa before the starting of the match, it got interrupted by Bobby Lashley who attacked R-Truth with his ‘master lock’ and left R-Truth unconscious in the ring. Tozawa quickly grabbed the opportunity and pinned the champion and became the new WWE 24/7 champion.

Championships which did not change hands are of Drew McIntryre, the Universal Champion and team of Sasha Banks & Bayley who are still the Women’s Raw Tag team champion.