These college sports teams earn 1400 Cr every year in revenues

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most watched, most sought after, most lucrative sporting property in the entire Indian Sub-Continent. The teams that play IPL are the most valued commercial sporting asset of the country. After the record television rights deal with Star Sports, these teams does top line between 250 to 300 Crores per season.

But believe it or not, some of the college/universities sports teams earn 5 times more than IPL teams annually.

The Ohio State and Texas A&M athletics programs each had more than $200 million (1400 Crores) in operating revenue during their 2018 fiscal years, their new financial reports to the NCAA show. Ohio State also crossed $200 million in operating expenses, joining Texas in exceeding that figure on both sides of its ledger for 2018 and continuing what have been huge increases in its budget. This is the first time three public schools have exceeded $200 million in operating revenue in a single year according to a report published in USA Today.

Texas A&M had its second consecutive year with more $200 million in operating revenue and its fourth in a row with more than $190 million. Its revenue figures over this time have been helped by massive donation amounts, which have been used to pay for hundreds of millions in stadium projects for football, softball and track and field. That spending is not included in operating expenses.


Ohio State had $205.6 million in operating revenue and $203.8 million in operating expenses. The income figure represents a more than $20 million increase from 2017 and the spending total represents a more than $30 million increase. Ohio State’s revenues in 2018 were boosted by a dramatic increase in its media rights revenue, which rose to $42.6 million from $25.6 million. That’s a reflection of the Big Ten Conference’s new television contracts, which took effect during the 2018 fiscal year. Ohio State’s ticket revenue increased by about $7.6 million to $69.1 million. Nearly all of that increase came from football ticket sales.


Texas A&M reported $212.4 million in operating revenue for 2018 and $165.8 million in operating expenses. However, as in recent years, the operating revenue amount reflects total donations raised and spent during the fiscal year while the operating expense amount does not include the donation money that was spent on capital projects. When Texas A&M’s donation-based capital spending is taken into account, it ended the year with a surplus of about $3 million, athletics CFO Jeff Toole said.

Ohio State is home to 37 varsity teams, while Texas A&M has 18.