After 20 years, Woods to become golf’s TaylorMade man

Golf superstar Tiger Woods has signed a multi-year contract with Adidas-owned TaylorMade Golf Company to endorse and use its equipment.

According to TaylorMade, Woods will use the driver, fairway woods, irons and wedges. TaylorMade will work to develop the equipment that Woods will put to use on the greens.

For the new range of golf equipment, it is now work in progress for Woods. He will work with “club engineers in the design and development of a ‘new, personalised iron model'”, according to TaylorMade-Adidas Golf President & CEO David Abeles.

It will be the first time that Woods will be using TaylorMade equipment in 20 years, the first time since turning pro.

After the announcement, Woods too confirmed the news to his six million followers.

Tiger Woods tweeted after the announcement of TaylorMade deal

The apparel and shoes for Woods are not included in the deal. Nike’s swoosh could still be part of the sports attire for the Golf star. For golf balls, Woods had earlier announced a deal with Bridgestone.

Nike had announced in August 2016 that it will stop selling equipment like golf clubs and balls. Nike and Woods have had an association since the golf star turned professional in 1996. But he had used TaylorMade for many of his early milestones, including the 1994 and 1995 US Amateurs.

TaylorMade, owned by Adidas, has been up for sale for several months as the parent company wants to focus on sneakers and clothing. It also owns the Adams and Ashworth golf brands. Adidas has bought TaylorMade brand in 1997, Ashworth in 2008 and finally Adams four years later.