TNCA furious as Raina, others blocked from TNPL

Suresh Raina

Is Board of Control for Cricket in India scared if State-level leagues will grow big in the country? Is the board ‘control for cricket’ in India; or for ‘control of cricket’ in India?

The State body officials in the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association are fuming as BCCI has refused to clear for TNPL the outstation cricketers registered with TNCA. The 88-strong list includes Suresh Raina, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwary, Piyush Chawla and Sanju Samson.

BCCI in a letter to TNCA stated that outstation cricketer cannot play in a league run by the State associations. TNCA would again take up the matter with the BCCI. An internal meeting is called to deliberate on the letter sent by the BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary, a senior TNCA official told

“This is not right to say that these 88 players are registered with TNCA for the TNPL. These are the TNCA registered players, who play for our affiliated clubs in the local league. How can you (BBCI) ask a State association to not allow the registered players in its own league?,” the official questions. “This is the time of the year when you can play cricket only this part of the country. Why does BCCI want to stop the players from playing cricket when they have no other commitments?”

“Some of these players like Chawla are employed by State clubs. This is their job to play for their teams. When you are registered player with the State body, how can you not be considered for competitive cricket in the State. It is funny that they can play one league under TNCA, but not allowed for another league run by the same body,” the furious official questioned.

TNCA had resolved earlier that outstation players, who are registered with TNCA, can be included in TNPL draft.

The likes of Raina and Pathan would look up to TNPL as an opportunity to play competitive cricket, when it is an off season in the rest of India. It is surely not for money. There is a Rs 500,000 salary cap for the outstation players, the stars can make several times more than this figure from a single celebrity appearance.

Incidentally, TNCA is made to pay for a precedence set by one of its own influential cricket administrators. The decision to prevent outstation players from the leagues run by State bodies was taken by N Srinivasan when he was the BCCI president. The present regime is enforcing the same decision.

The bigger question is – why can’t a wrong precedent be dumped in the interest of the players and the game?