Tokyo 2020: Common cheering beat to build excitement for Games

Tokyo 2020 has created another first for Olympics and Paralympics by creating a common cheering beat to build excitement for the Games. The project Make the Beat! – a medley of sound, technology and social media – persuades fans around the world to encourage athletes by using the official Tokyo #2020beat.

The #2020beat will be a common sound in stadiums come Games-Time. It is an easy to follow melodic rhythm, allowing the fans to dance, clap or stomp to when they cheer athletes in venues or live streaming sites during the Games next year.

With a year to go before Tokyo 2020, fans are also encouraged to get into that Olympic and Paralympic celebratory mood early by creating their own #2020beat content on social media.

The official Tokyo #2020beat was created from AI technology from a range of 1,000 different sound samples reflecting five different rhythms from themes of sports, Japanese culture, daily lives and nature by using AI technology from Olympic World-Wide Partner Intel Corporation.

All the social media posts were collected by Alibaba Cloud solution and displayed at the big screen of the venues and Live sites. Researchers from Tsukuba University then contributed to the final selection of the official Tokyo #2020beat.

As part of the #2020beat social media campaign, fans are invited to film themselves performing the rhythm to post their content on social media using the special hashtag #2020beat.

This means, no matter where they are, they can take part in the celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Starting September 6, a series of videos featuring athletes and artists from all walks of life will be posted on #2020beat special page.

Tokyo 2020 mascots Miraitowa and Someity will also travel overseas to past and future Olympic and Paralympic cities to share and encourage fans to play their version of the Tokyo #2020beat.