Tokyo 2020: Games may be rescheduled before 2021 summer, says Bach

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The postponed 32nd Olympic Games may not necessarily be delayed by one year. International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach has revealed “all options are on the table” to find new dates for the Games next year.

“This is not restricted just to the summer months,” Bach had said in a conference call with media on Wednesday. The Olympics can be scheduled “before and including the summer of 2021.

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“The agreement is that we want to organise these Games at the latest in Summer of 2021,” he told reporters.

After a telephonic conversation between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Bach, a formal announcement to postponement the Games to 2021 was announced.

Bach has also confessed that “these postponed Olympic Games will need sacrifices, will need compromises from all stakeholders”.

“These postponed Olympic Games will need sacrifices, will need compromises from all stakeholders to make the Olympic dreams of athletes come true”.

He admitted that cancelling the Tokyo Games was “discussed and considered” but said: “It was very clear from the beginning that cancellation was not something the IOC would in any way favour.”

Bach, however, accepted that it might not be possible to guarantee all elements of the Games as planned for the July 24 to August 9 schedule. He also was not sure about the status of the athletes village, which were to be converted into flats after the Games this year.

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