Tokyo 2020 unveils Paralympics Medals

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The Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year, Tokyo 2020 has unveiled the medals, ribbons and medal cases for the Paralympics.

The unveiling of the precious metal pieces also marked the “one year to go for the Paralympics 2020”.

Just like the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic medals are also being manufactured using recycled precious metals extracted from mobile phones and small electronic devices donated by the public. This sustainability initiative is part of the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project.

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The Paralympic medal design features a traditional Japanese fan motif, depicting the Paralympic Games as the source of a fresh new wind blowing through the world as well as a shared experience connecting diverse hearts and minds.

The kaname, or pivot point, holds all parts of the fan together; here it represents Para athletes bringing people together regardless of nationality or ethnicity.

Motifs on the leaves of the fan depict the vitality of people’s hearts and symbolise Japan’s captivating and life-giving natural environment in the form of rocks, flowers, trees, leaves, and water. These are applied with a variety of techniques, producing a textured surface that makes the medals compelling to touch.

Braille letters spell out Tokyo 2020 on the medals face. A series of circular indentations on the side of the medals – one for gold, two for silver, three for bronze – make the medal types easy to distinguish by touch.

The Tokyo 2020 Organisers have also released video, depicting the Paralympic Games medals’ concept.

The 16th Paralympic Games will take place in the Japanese Capital, Tokyo, from August 25 to September 6 next year.

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Tokyo 2020 unveils Paralympics Medals