Tokyo Olympics: Can Olympics be postponed one more time ?

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The world is yet to come out of Covid19 pandemic. Once the battle is won against the Coronavirus, the aftermath will need time to heal and recover. In middle of this health crisis and with the entire sporting world still in shambles – can Tokyo get ready for its biggest show i.e Olympic Games in July 2021 or will it be postponed one more time ?

Tokyo 2020 official says a further delay of Games should be an option

Uncertainty remains over whether the Games will go ahead as planned next year, due to continuing challenges posed by Covid-19. Now the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee executive board member has said a second delay of the event should be considered before any cancellation – which clearly shows the hosts themselves are not clear whether Tokyo Olympics can go ahead next year.

Japanese daily Nikkan Sports reported that Haruyuki Takahashi said: “The main priority is to make a united effort to hold them (the Olympics) in the summer of 2021.” He said if that is not possible “we should start action once again to get another delay”.

However, for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach postponement is no more a option. He has admitted that the Games would have to be scrapped altogether if the event cannot be held in 2021.

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High-ranking IOC member Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant said earlier this month that a final decision on holding the Games would be made in the spring of 2021.

Tokyo 2020 vice-president Toshiaki Endo had previously said a decision on the fate of the Games should not be made until “at least March”.

Tokyo Olympics postponement – huge economic burden on Japan

The games have already been postponed once. The exact cost of the postponement is yet to be ascertained. Estimates in Japan suggest the one-year delay will cost $2 bn to $ 6bn most of which will fall on Japanese taxpayers.

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With costs escalating, uncertainty growing – all the indications clearly suggest Tokyo Olympics even in 2021 is under huge cloud of uncertainty.